Tracen Petaluma Mobile Applications Available for Download

ITmTech Installer Modified May 3, 2005
DVL mTech Installer Modified May 17, 2004
OoDeLog (Expo Product Demo) Installer Modified April 29, 2005
Mobile EPME Installer Modified April 29, 2005

Installation Instructions

  1. Sync your Pocket PC to a networked workstation.
  2. Click the link above to launch the mobile installer of your choice.
  3. Click "Open" on the File Download dialog box.
  4. Follow the installer instructions to step through its screens.
  5. Click "Yes" when asked whether to install in "the default application install directory."
  6. To run the application from your mobile device, click Start > Programs > name of program.

About ITmTech

Coast Guard Information Systems Technicians (ITs) are getting a new tool in their kits.

The Pocket PC-based Information Systems Technician mobile Technician (ITmTech) uses cutting-edge technology to direct the troubleshooting and repair of Coast Guard IT equipment in a user-friendly and intuitive handheld package.

ITmTech currently has two troubleshooting modules: CGSW Build 5.0, and the Digital Voice Logger (DVL) (previous standalone DVL mTech info below). With XML-generated content, the mTech product is easily expandable to additional modules or even different ratings (Electronics Technician mobile Technician; ETmTech?).

This technology was developed in-house by the Training Center Petaluma Instructional Support Team (IST) and is available to the Coast Guard community through the G-WTT eLearning group.

About DVL mTech

The Digital Voice Logger mobile Technician (DVL mTech) is a PDA-based electronic performance support system (EPSS) to aid Coast Guard Information Systems Technicians (ITs) in troubleshooting and repairing DVLs in the field. It is a companion piece to the recently released DVL Computer-based Training (DVL CBT).

This Pocket PC platform product provides troubleshooting information by keyword search, problem description, or by index of common problems. Starting from the Main Menu, locate your DVL problem and click its link to find recommended solutions in order of operation. More detailed DVL information is available on the DVL CBT.

More detailed maintencance and repair information, including a complete electronic set of manufacturers documentation and job aids for common repair procedures is available on the DVL CBT on the CG Web at, or on CD-ROM by contacting the TRACEN Petaluma IST.

About OoD eLog

Training Center Petaluma Officer of the Day (OOD) logs are now fully electronic. The integrated CGWeb and Pocket PC OoD eLog improves on traditional paper logs by adding database capabilities and policy lookups, while maintaining portability.

The Training Center Petaluma Instructional Support Team (IST) built this environmentally friendly tool using XML to allow for cost-effective future adaptations of additional administrative tools.

About Mobile EPME

E-3 and E-4 Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) study guides are now available for Pocket PC devices.

The convenient mobile platform provides students a paper-free option for studying and referencing EPME materials when computers are unavailable.

Developed by the Training Center Petaluma Instructional Support Team (IST), these mobile study guides are available for download by Coast Guard personnel on this Tracen Petaluma Mobile Resources page.


TRACEN Petauma IST. These products were developed by the USCG Training Center Petaluma Instructional Support Team (IST). To report bugs, request a CD-ROM, or inquire about IST products, please contact, (707) 765-7980.

Information Systems Technician (IT) "A" School. USCG Training Center Petaluma, ITCM Swanson,, (707) 765-7408

DVL Manufacturer. Adaptive Digital Systems, Inc.,, (949) 955-3103